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The rates are for the simulator room per hour, not per person.

1 person takes 1 hour to play 18 holes

2 people takes 2 hours to play 18 holes, etc.

- Players are allowed to use their own golf balls, please ensure that they are clean and free of any sharpie marks

- Golfers can use their own golf clubs or rent a set of ours

- Clean indoor shoes are required

- Soft spike golf shoes will be allowed

- Please no outside food or beverages in the facility, unless prior arrangements have been made.


Monday - Thursday     OPEN until 4pm        $35.00/hr

  Monday- Thursday   4pm until CLOSE         $45.00/hr

    Friday,Weekends and Holidays                      $45.00/hr              

Please remember that this rate is for the room, not per person

This rate is for the use of any of our simulators including the multi-sport simulator

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