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Video Swing Analysis

The ULTIMATE place to improve your game.

With our LED lighting and HD cameras we're able to capture athletes' shots, swings, throws, you name it! You can use the video swing analysis systems for any sports team!


After capturing your shots you're able to use our touch screen system to improve your swing and then your able to re-swing to implement the changes you've made.


Improve your game by perfecting your swing, shot or throw. Get the most out of your practices.


On Par Golf has the solution to getting more distance and accuracy from your golf swing. Use the most advanced and sought after video swing analysis system on the market.The Bodi-Trac system allows video recording, playback and analysis. We have PGA teachers here to help you to improve your swing to perfection and lower scores.


Bring your team by and get video swing analysis to improve your kick, and while your here you and your team can also play a game of Soccer on our multi-sport system!


There's no better place than On Par to help improve your snapshot, wrist shot or backhander. We have the video equipment to record your motion and weight transfer to give you the best shot.

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